Lymed Oy


Lymed Oy, a Finnish company, has manufactured medical pressure garments since 1993. High quality Lymed custom-made garments are manufactured entirely in Lymed’s own facilities in Tampere.

A leader and a developer in its field, Lymed has a strong focus on deepening the understanding and applications of pressure treatment. Lymend combines new technologies and traditional knowhow in their award-winning garments. Lymed develops and refines pressure garments and pressure treatment constantly in close cooperation with hospitals and research centers.

The aim of every Lymed garment is to give the best possible result in pressure treatment, to be comfortable and have a polished, stylish look while doing so. The Lymed design process guarantees that the garments have medically correct, controlled pressure levels. Pressure levels can even vary within one product to fit the requirements of the treatment itself. Lymed design process allows for individual needs, such as donning and doffing, work, hobbies and physical limitations.

The full Lymed Oy catalogue is available here.