Naboso is the world’s first surface produced to simultaneously stimulate both your body and brain.

Currently available as shoe insoles or as a training mat, Naboso’s unique proprioceptive material has been created with scientific precision to either relieve pain or to help you get that competitive gain.

Inspired and backed by barefoot science – and created by Dr Emily Splichal, a world-leading podiatrist and human movement specialist – standing on a Naboso surface will stimulate your foot in a way that brings benefits to your whole body – whether you’re a person suffering foot pain, a professional athlete or a worker seeking relief from long shifts on your feet.

Naboso means ‘barefoot’ in Czech. It also means better results and science-backed pain management for you.

How Naboso Can Help You

Ordinary footwear blocks the stimulation of your foot and creates delays in the nervous system that can contribute to joint pain, loss of balance and inefficient movement patterns.

Naboso opens up your foot-to-brain-to-muscle connection, helping you to move better with less harsh impact on your body.

How It Works

When you stand on a Naboso surface, your foot is stimulated in a way that we no longer experience in everyday life thanks to the shoes we wear and the busy lives we lead.

The Naboso surface has been textured in a way to bolster your nervous system. Our specific surface pattern is designed with microscopic precision applied to the exact size, shape, density and height of the surface so that you achieve optimal health and performance benefits every time you use a Naboso product.

The Naboso 1.0 insoles are perfect for newcomers to barefoot stimulation or those with increased foot sensitivity. It is also ideal for athletes and sportspeople.