Lymed Sense™


Lymed Sense™ pressure garments are used for postural control and tone management purposes eg for clients with cerebral palsy (CP), autism, hypotonia, Erb’s or serratus anterior palsy or other neurological conditions. The garments may improve the functional skills and body awareness of the client through the application body pressure.

The Lymed Sense Adjustable Body suit features:

  • Velcro straps at the back to adjust fit and pressure application
  • Adjustable push buttons at the crotch
  • Medium strength material at the midsection and axilla for additional comfort.
  • Application of pressure to the trunk and upper body

To ensure product’s safety, Lymed suggests critical approach towards suitability of standard-sized products in client’s treatment. According to literature, optimal benefits from pressure treatment cannot be achieved if the garment is too loose. On the other hand, too tight or an ill-fitting product may cause a negative effect. The fit of the product should be monitored regularly.

Custom-made garments are available.