Siena Light Grey Size 22 3 Widths-OT2

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Perpedes Siena Light

The Perpedes “3-Widths System” of therapeutic footwear was designed and tested in close collaboration with orthopaedic shoe technicians to fit foot and legs orthoses (AFO’s/ DAFO’s) of various designs and thicknesses.

The system features 3 different footwear widths - OT2, OT5 and OT8. Compared to the width OT2, each OT5 and OT8 offer increased volume in the heel, instep and toe box area.

The “3-Widths System” offers a wider sole construction with ball rockers that provide guided stability in standing and walking. The sole material offers options for individual orthopaedic modifications.


OT2 – for thin (2–3 mm wall thickness) AFOs/DAFOs and foot orthoses / suitable for the non-effected foot in case of unilateral orthotic treatment

OT5 – for AFOs/DAFOs with 4–6 mm wall thickness

OT8 – for AFOs/DAFOs with 7–10 mm wall thickness

Perpedes “3-Widths System” therapeutic footwear feature:

  • Wide opening for easy entry
  • High quality and durable materials
  • Solid, protective toe box
  • Heel cap for fixing the orthosis and for stabilization
  • Lightweight construction
  • Flexible, flared soles for gait stabilization
  • Increased toe box and instep volume
  • Ball roller to support the natural rolling movement
  • Removable insole as a placeholder for orthopaedic insoles
  • Possibility for individual orthopaedic adjustments of the sole


Perpedes Footwear Sizing Chart

The Perpedes Siena Light (pink) is available in size 22 - 40, widths OT2, OT5, and size 25 - 40 OT8. It is also available as the Lucca Light (Charcoal) in the size 22 - 45, widths OT2, OT5, and size 25 - 45 OT8

Ensure that you follow this link to find out How to measure feet and for a Guide to Choosing the Right Size Shoe.

You can use the sizing chart for Perpedes footwear, available here, to see if Perpedes  is an option for you.

Please contact us at to find out how you can arrange for an assessment and measure, for more information on Perpedes footwear or to book an appointment.

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