BOA Fastening


BOA Fastening

BOA is a heavy duty fastening system that undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it is fit for purpose. It has been in use for over 17 years in a variety of uses including:

  • Snowboarding boots on mountains around the world
  • The shoes of over 100 Tour de France cyclists
  • Utility boots that work 60 hours a week and
  • In medical equipment that works 24/7

This video highlights the testing that the BOA fastening system undergoes.

The BOA system is a combination of  two types of fasteners: laces and Velcro. Shoelaces enable the shoe to fit tightly to the foot and Velcro provides fastening convenience. Unfortunately, each of these fastening methods has its drawbacks. BOA has managed to combine the benefit of both fastening systems into one easy to use system. 

The BOA system enables easy operation with one hand with the simple turn of a wheel. It ensures uniform tension over the foot allowing the footwear to fit perfectly, avoiding the use of excessive force and old-fashioned fasteners to achieve good fit. This fasteneing form provides a higher level of comfort, and is durable, li­ghtweight, fast and convenient to use. It promotes indepedendence especially for children and people with reduced hand function. 

Please see the NIMCOAurelka and Schien Shoes catalogues for more detail on their BOA shoe fastening systems.