Training for Allied Health Professionals

Discover our extensive range of wearable therapy products designed to enhance posture and movement when they are worn. Discover their features, the reasons behind their recommendation, and learn how to assess and measure for the best fit.

In this training, you will gain valuable insights into the different functionalities of our wearable therapy products, allowing you to make informed recommendations to your clients. By understanding the benefits and applications of each product, you will be better equipped to address the unique needs of your clients and provide them with tailored solutions.

Our videoconference training sessions are tailored to offer flexibility and convenience, focusing on products relevant to your caseload. During the training, we provide returnable samples for a hands-on experience to help you fully understand the products. Our goal is to equip you with the necessary knowledge and resources to effectively recommend our products for the benefit of your clients.

Feel free to reach out to us to schedule a product training session for you and your therapy team.

Additionally, upon request, our team can provide limited samples for your clinic to keep, enabling you to demonstrate our products to your clients and their families.

Participants in this training will gain valuable knowledge on how to accurately assess clients and recommend SDO® Original for those with neurological and musculoskeletal conditions. The course will provide a deep dive into the world of SDO® and how to integrate it effectively into therapy and rehabilitation programs to improve posture, movement, and overall functionality.

Under the guidance of a skilled clinician, attendees will explore the practical aspects of SDO® garments, including their construction and design options. Through a combination of clinical theory, prescription techniques, case studies, and hands-on measuring exercises, participants will develop the skills needed to select the most appropriate garment style and reinforcement panels for individual clients.

This intensive one-day workshop serves as the second level in the Medigarments SDO® Original training series, offering a comprehensive learning experience for healthcare professionals looking to enhance their ability to effectively prescribe custom-made support garments for their clients.

Please complete the SDO Training Course Application Form and return to us to register your interest.