Forms for Therapists

Here you will find forms that you need to order our products. If you have any questions contact us or eMail [email protected].

If you require a MS Word version of any of these forms to make it easier to complete please eMail us, quote the form name and we will send it to you.

Completed forms need to be sent to [email protected].


Resource Folder for Allied Health Professionals

The Resource Folder for Allied Health Professionals (113Mb) provides a comprehensive overview of Well & Able Products. It is a good resource to have available on your laptop when working with clients.


Footwear Measurement Form

To ensure that we have all the required details to assist you with selecting the best solution for your footwear needs please complete this form.

Please note the following about the form:

  • For standard and custom footwear - complete pages 1 - 3 and the foot tracings on pages 5 - 6
    • It is best to provide all the measurements requested as accurately as possible.
    • The reason we request all these measurements is that if a standard shoe is not suitable we have all the information we require to determine which custom footwear is the best option without asking for additional measurements


  • For AFO Alternative Footwear also complete page 4
    • It is best if a therapist completes these measurements


Note that made-to measure custom footwear is not refundable or exchangeable.



  • Fill in the form as completely as possible
  • Measurements
    • A second person is helpful when taking measurements
    • Should be taken in a standing position or, for those unable to stand, sitting with the knees at right angles and the feet weight-bearing
  • Measure each foot separately
  • Record measurements in centimetres to one decimal place
  • Record absolute measurements without increasing the measures at your own discretion
    • Make sure that you include the circumferential (around) measurements at A, B, C and D
  • Include tracings of the feet
  • Take clear photos of the left and right foot from the side, front and back and attach to the order
    • These provide a visual picture of the feet


If necessary, or you believe that it will provide additional information, you can send a video of the client walking to the clinic mobile 0413 178 037 (short 5 - 10 seconds maximum). Photos of the client feet can also be sent there. Remember to include your name and the clients name in the message so we know who they are for.


If you have any questions or need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at 07 3448 0446.


Email the completed form to [email protected].



Gaiters Order Form - Made to Measure Arm

Gaiters Order Form - Made to Measure Leg

Fabric Options


Complete this form to order a custom made gaiter. It is preferred that these forms are completed by your therapist to ensure the correct measurements are taken.

Note: custom made products are not able to be returned.