Moveo ExoBand

ExoBand by Moveo: Revolutionary Support for Improved Mobility

Innovative, Comfortable, and User-Friendly Exoskeleton

How Does the ExoBand exoskeleton work?

  • ExoBand comprises a wearable belt and two leg loops.

  • These components are interconnected by a mechanism that stores energy from the initial phase of the walking cycle to release it in the subsequent phase.

  • This mechanism boosts the thrust of the hip flexors, leading to enhanced walking functionality.

Benefits of Using ExoBand

  • Enhanced walking efficiency and distance for individuals with mobility impairments.

  • Improved trunk stability, reduces fall risks, enhances balance, and extends walking range.

  • Enhanced upper limb movements and posture.

Backed by Scientific Research

  • Developed over a decade through biomechanics and robotics research by Fausto Panizzolo, Ph.D.

  • Founded on a data-driven approach, continuous improvement, and evidence-based practices.

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Who Can Benefit from ExoBand

ExoBand is tailored for individuals capable of walking, particularly those with a minimum hip extension range. The wide range of users includes people with different types of motor impairments like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Cerebral Palsy, stroke and other neurological conditions.

Comparison Videos

See below comparison videos showing users walking without and with the aid of the ExoBand.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is ExoBand washable?

    • Yes, the ExoBand fabric components can be cold washed with proper care.

  • What clothing is best suited for ExoBand?

    • ExoBand is compatible with any attire, including shorts. For a snug fit, it is recommended to wear the ExoBand over leggings or tights, allowing comfortable shorts or trousers to be worn over them.

  • Can you drive while wearing ExoBand?

    • Yes, by loosening the spring mechanisms accordingly.

  • Can you use the toilet without removing ExoBand?

    • No, removing the belt and lowering your pants is necessary to use the toilet.

  • In what sizes is ExoBand available?

    • ExoBand is currently offered in five sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL.

  • Are there any limitations, restrictions, or side effects associated with using ExoBand?

    • No, ExoBand can be used daily based on the individual user's specific requirements.

  • Are there any contraindications or side effects related to using ExoBand?

    • No contraindications have been identified.

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