About Well and Able

Well & Able was started after one of its founders, Galia Rose, recognised the inaccessibility and unaffordability of specialist orthopaedic footwear for children with disability in Australia.

​Having worked in other countries where orthopaedic footwear is readily accessible, providing affordable, quality and fashionable medical grade footwear for children with additional needs became the objective of Well & Able.

​The shoes were initially supplied under the auspices of a charity Carmella’s House in 2015. Demand for the products quickly grew and Well & Able was officially opened in early 2017.

​Other products have since been added to the range available at Well & Able, such as the Sensory Dynamic Orthosis, gaiters and hand splints, all qualtiy therapeutic products with affordability and style in mind.


Meet The Team

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