Support for Body


Splints, Gaiters, Collars and Helmets

All our wrist and hand splints, arm and leg gaiters are designed and manufactured for infant and paediatric sizing to meet the needs of even our smallest customers. With easy adjustability, high comfort level and child friendly colors, kids their parents and therapists love our products.

With its contoured design and easily shaped palmar and radial stays, this splint for children and young adults offers excellent levels of protection for the wrist and thumb.                                                        

Splints and gaiters are used for the following functions:

  • Stabilize (immobilize) joints in a desired position to rest the joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles or maintain a certain joint alignment.
  • Post injury.
  • Post-surgery.
  • Prevent contracture or deformity.
  • Prevent unwanted motion, maintain the arm or leg in extension for rehabilitation purposes.
  • Maintain gains achieved by manipulation, corrective surgery or reconstructive procedures.
  • Gradually stretch contracture to increase range of motion.
  • Provide support for flaccid hand and wrist.
  • Relieve pain.
  • Prevent pressure sores or facilitate the healing of existing pressure areas
  • Night rest.



Arm-elbow and leg-knee support gaiters are soft, comfortable and easy to apply.  Perfect for the treatment of non-fixed contractures.

They are available in straight, ready to wear or custom made to measure straight or with individual flexion option. Straight gaiters are used to maintain the arm or leg in extension for rehabilitation, prolong stretch or mobilisation purposes. Flexion gaiters are recommended if flexion is required due to contractures.

These gaiters come in a range of patterns to suit all tastes and ages.  When ordering, please specify the choice of design.

Gaiters are sold individually.



The Hensinger Head Support is a soft foam wraparound collar for adults and children with poor head control. It is designed to support the head and neck in a mid-line position by supporting the upper chest and under the jawline of the user. The Hensinger Head Support with High Back provides additional support under the base of the head (occupit).



The helmets are medical grade protective equipment, uniquely designed to protect your loved ones from head injuries that can occur as a result of accidents, falls, seizure activity, head banging and other incidents.