Knee Immobiliser 45 - 30 cm - Extra-Small (circ 30-38 cm)

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Erhem Knee Immobiliser 45

Please note that gaiters are sold individually for a single limb.

The Erhem Knee Immobiliser is a ready to wear orthosis with side and rear metal stiffening elements to immobilize the knee joint in either full extension or 20 degrees flexion. The brace is equipped with 2 sets of side metal stiffening elements that can be removed and interchanged. One set of stiffening elements is straight and immobilizes the knee in extension and the other set is constructed at an angle of 20 degrees flexion, immobilizing the knee in flexion.


  • Hook and loop straps pull tight though D rings to provide a precise and stable fit
  • Light weight, padded towelling lining provides comfortable wear
  • Three metal stiffening elements immobilize the knee in either extension or 20 degrees of flexion
  • Relief area around the patella to prevent pressure


  • Increased muscle tension / joint flexor spasticity
  • Post-injury or post-surgery immobilization
  • Contracture management
  • Rehabilitation activities


Size Chart

Please follow the guidelines on measuring the size of the garment.







Tight circumference 20 cm above the kneecap

30 - 38 cm

38 - 44 cm

44 - 50 cm

50 - 54 cm

over 54 cm

Orthosis total length in cm

30 cm

40 cm

50 cm

60 cm

70 cm


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