ERHEM Knee, Foot and Ankle Night Splint 45/1

Please note that gaiters are sold individually for a single limb.

The Erhem Knee, Foot and Ankle Night Splint is designed to immobilize the knee in extension as well as the ankle in a neutral or dorsiflexed position when at rest during the night to manage muscle contractures and maintain range of motion. 


  • Orthoses for use at rest.
    • STATIC
      • Immobilizes the knee in extension and the ankle in a neutral position. Intended for patients who can achieve a neutral ankle position and require static positioning to maintain range of motion.
      • Immobilizes the knee in extension and a binder to gradually change the range of ankle dorsiflexion to stretch the triceps surae (calf). Intended for patients with a deficit of dorsiflexion of the ankle of muscle origin.
  • Hook and loop straps pull tight though D rings to provide a precise and stable fit
  • Light weight, padded towelling lining provides comfortable wear around the knee and leg
  • Moulded thermoplastic footplate stabilize and position the foot and ankle


  • maintain range of motion in the presence of muscle contractures or muscle stiffness of the triceps surae (calf)
  • following surgical or orthopaedic interventions.




Size Chart

Please follow the guidelines on measuring the size of the garment.







Thigh circumference in cm

24-30 cm 30-38 cm 38-44 cm 44-50 cm 50-54 cm

Orthosis total length in cm

25 cm 30 cm 35 cm 40 cm 45 cm

The length of the knee-groin in cm

8 cm 10 cm 12 cm 14 cm 16 cm

The length of the knee - outer edge of the foot in cm

17 cm 20 cm 23 cm 26 cm 29 cm
Foot Length 12 cm 15 cm 18 cm 21 cm 23 cm


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