Neck Orthoses

The Hensinger Head Support is a soft foam wraparound collar for adults and children with poor head control. It is designed to support the head and neck in a mid-line position by supporting the upper chest and under the jawline of the user. The Hensinger Head Support with High Back provides additional support under the base of the head (occupit).

All models must be used in conjunction with a chest/trunk support. Mounted models can be secured to the users seating system via a solid back plate which buckles around the back of the seating system.

The Hensinger head support collar can assist with prevention of injury to the head and neck when head control is impaired. It can assist with:

  • improved safety during transfers
  • improved safety during transportation in a vehicle
  • improved safety during bathing/showering

Improved midline head positioning and stability using the Hensinger head support collar can also assist with:

  • improved breathing and maintenance of open airways
  • improved swallowing and eating
  • improved social interaction and communication
  • improved functional movement of the eyes eg for use of eye gaze technologies

Please seek professional advice regarding suitability and sizing.

All collars come standard with soft blue covers (which can be easily removed and replaced with fashionable long socks of the users choice and a quick release buckle which allows easy fitting and removal. These videos demonstrate how this is possible.
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