Liner Cushion (7635)

Shock-absorbent foam strips, coated in vinyl, and made of closed-cell foam, are about 50cm long and 5cm wide. These strips come in 2 thicknesses: 6mm and 12mm. They are commonly used to adjust the size when an individual falls between 2 sizes. The 6mm strip can decrease circumference by up to 2.5cm, and the 12mm strip can reduce circumference by up to 5cm.Trim the strip to the preferred length, then fit place it inside the helmet or Hensinger collar. Peel off the paper backing and stick the strip in place using the self-adhesive backing. We recommend practicing with scotch tape before applying for a proper fit, as the strip cannot be repositioned.

Ideal for adjusting the size of both Danmar Hensinger collars and Danmar helmets.

Brand Danmar