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Danmar provides special products for special needs including equipment used in therapeutic and recreational settings to enhance function as well as comfort.


Danmar Products are constantly learning ways that they can improve their line of products. By always being responsive to the needs of their end users, and by listening to the customer, Danmar Products will produce only top quality products. They manufacture all of their equipment in their plant located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Revolutionary in the world of cervical collars, the Hensinger Head Support, a soft foam wraparound collar, is designed to brace the head by the jawline. It can help maintain mid-line head positioning. Proper head positioning facilitates improved breathing, swallowing, and simplifies feeding. It also aids in social interaction and awareness during classroom activities.


The Well &Able team is focused on improved movements and healthier body function for all. We believe that good head positioning can have a positive impact on the general wellbeing and comfort of users of these head supports.


The full Danmar catalogue is available here.

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