Hensinger Head Support Ready To Wear

The Hensinger Head Support is a soft foam wraparound collar designed for individuals who struggle with head control. This support aids in maintaining the head and neck in a centred position by providing support under the jawline and upper chest.

Correct head positioning can enhance breathing, swallowing, and make feeding easier. It also contributes to improved social engagement and attentiveness in educational settings. The Hensinger head support collar can help enhance the safety of the head and neck positioning during transfers and while traveling in a vehicle.

The Hensinger features a durable yet flexible reinforcement material around the outside of the vinyl-covered foam support. Each collar includes a soft cover and a quick-release buckle for convenient fitting and removal.

To ensure effectiveness and safety, the Hensinger Head Support must be used with a chest/trunk support and proper pelvic positioning.

As an alternative to ordering online, some professionals my prefer to request a standard size Hensinger collar by completing the Ready-To-Wear Hensinger Collar Order Form. Once completed, please return the order form via email to [email protected].

Always consult a health professional for guidance on suitability and sizing, considering the following factors:

  • Enhancement or maintenance of breathing function.
  • Improvement or maintenance of swallowing/drainage capabilities.
  • Head contact areas: Head supports maintain the head in a central position. Identifying the base area, where the head and neck connect with the support, is vital for providing optimal comfort and support. Selecting the incorrect base area could impede breathing, swallowing, blood circulation, and could result in jaw discomfort.
  • Proper body positioning: Head support should be complemented with suitable trunk and pelvic support.
  • Head control: The appropriate level of head control and support should be determined by a professional.


Size Chart

Follow this guide on Measuring and Sizing a Hensinger Head Support.


Neck Circumference

Length from earlobe to shoulder (minus 1.2 cm)



2.5 cm



3.8 cm



5.0 cm



6.3 cm



Brand Danmar
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.500m
Shipping Height 0.500m
Shipping Length 0.500m
Shipping Cubic 0.125000000m3