Checking Your New Shoes


Colour Information

The actual colour of the shoe delivered may vary slightly to the images displayed on the website. This is due in part to the capability of your monitor to display colours and that everyone sees these colours differently. We endeavour to accurately depict the colours of our shoes as close as possible to the actual product, but please understand the actual colour of the delivered shoe may vary slightly from the images displayed on the website.

Images of Shoes

The images of the shoes displayed on the website may differ slightly from that delivered. The soles on the shoes are an area that could be different, particularly with Aurelka shoes.

Checking Your Shoes

With your online shoes purchase we want to ensure the perfect fit for your child. Once your order arrives, please follow the ‘7 Fitting Steps’ below to check the fit of your new shoes.

  1. Heel Grip Test With the child seated, pull on the heel of the shoe firmly to ensure minimal ‘heel slippage’ occurs.

  2. Width Make sure the shoe shape fits and suits the foot shape. The shoe should be broad enough and deep enough. If you can see the outline of the child’s foot pressing against the shoe, they are probably the wrong fit. Feel for excess pressure on the little toe when the child is standing. (See diagram below)

    • Checking Width To check the width, you should be able to squeeze a little of the shoe material at the sides and by firmly passing your finger over the front of the shoe.
  3. Depth Make sure there is enough depth by pulling your thumb across the top of the shoe. You should feel a small ripple but not a large pleat or crease. Remember, too many creases equal too much depth.

  4. Length Feel for the longest toe. This sometimes may not be the big toe. If you cannot feel the toes ask the child to wiggle them for you. For Infant shoes allow for a pinkie finger width of room from the largest toe to the front of the shoe. For junior shoes allow for an index finger width of room from the largest toe to the front of the shoe. The child should be standing up to make sure their toes are flat and the foot has its natural spread (See diagram below).

    • Checking Length To check the length, you should measure from the longest toe to the front of the shoe.

  5. Back Check the shoe fits snugly around the heel. Padded topliners provide additional comfort around the child’s heel and ankle.

  6. Fastening Lace up and Velcro shoes offer adjustment options. Shoes should be fastened to provide a firm grip around the child’s foot. If a buckle is present, there should be additional holes for adjustment.

  7. Walking Lastly, the child should walk in the shoes inside (preferably on carpet). Check that the child walks well in the shoes, and that there is minimal ‘heel slippage’.

If you are completely satisfied with your purchase, please let us know and leave us feedback on our Facebook page.

If there are any problems or concerns, please let us know.


Wishing you all the best with your new purchase.

The Team at Well and Able