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Aurelka® is a renowned Polish orthopaedic footwear manufacturer. With a focus on children's health, Aurelka has created the specialised Aurelka ORTO® range, offering medical-grade footwear tailored to specific needs and complex conditions. We are honoured to be authorised prescribers and distributors of Aurelka® footwear in Australia and New Zealand.

We provide and stock a number of Aurelka ORTO® footwear models with standardised features, however Aurelka ORTO® footwear is customisable and can be ordered to meet individual requirements. If you have specific needs, please consult with your treating allied health professional and contact us for more information. Measurement forms are available on our website to assist with documenting and submitting measurements.

Explore the Aurelka® Footwear Catalogue for a wide selection of footwear available to order and refer to Aurelka ORTO® Corrections Catalogue for a description of the custom modifications that can be applied to Aurelka ORTO® footwear.

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