OW09 Power

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Prof Elaine Owens and London Orthotics Consultancy collaborated with Duna to create a specific model, the Duna OW09 POWER, for her purposes. These models are called Pixar and Power. The features of these models are as follows:

  • provided with high stiffeners to provide  greater stability
  • padded inner lining to provide optimal comfort
  • back opening  with a Boa fastening system
  • the height of the upper of the footwear is above the malleolus which allows complete enclosure around the foot and ankle
  • inner volume is designed to fit a foot wearing orthotic devices or not
  • totally straight outsole: 3 cm high in the heel and 2 cm high in the forefoot. There is no rocker in the forefoot.
  • the outsole is bell-shaped provide very high stability. The final outsole (tread layer) is included in the footwear package but not glued to the outsole. This allows the technician to adjust the outsole as needed and then glue on the final tread layer of the sole.

Some people may also only use a single leg orthosis. Duna is able to offer a split pair, whereby a pair of shoes of the same style are supplied, but one shoe of the pair accommodates the users orthosis and the other accommodates the users foot. Please contact us for more details.


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