Sensory Dynamic Orthoses® (SDO®)

Well & Able are official Australian and New Zealand distributors of Sensory Dynamic Orthosis (SDO®) products by Medigarments LtdTM, a highly reputable UK manufacturer established for over 40 years.

The Sensory Dynamic Orthosis (SDO®) is a made to measure Lycra Garment, designed and produced to the finest detail. It provides dynamic compression to increase sensory and proprioceptive feedback as well as provide musculoskeletal support.

This lycra garment can assist and lead to motor learning and neural integration. Through the use of an SDO® providing constant, consistent compression, stretch, support and sensory information the individual is given has the effect of therapeutic handling for the time that the garment is worn.

Clinical observations and the evidence available shows that wearing the SDO® leads to an improvement in positioning, posture and function because it provides musculo-skeletal alignment, postural stability and sensory feedback.

This is thought to be due to the stimulation of the somatosensory and musculo-skeletal systems which give changes in tone and postural alignment. This will then lead to improved proximal stability and improved biomechanical advantage for muscle activation and enhancement of learning strategies.

Features and Indications

The stretch quality of the Polycotton Lycra material in conjunction with the resistance provided by the Lycra powernet used in the fabrication of the SDO® can provide and improve:

·        Sensory and proprioceptive feedback

·        Musculo-skeletal support and alignment

·        Postural control and proximal stability

·        Quality of movement

·        Function

·        Fabric Composition polycotton 17% Cotton, 32% Elastane & 51% Polyamide

Through clinical experience positive responses have been demonstrated from the wearing of a Lycra garment in patients with the following diagnoses on a regular basis

The SDO® can also be used for the management of conditions with joint instability and sensory deficit

  • Persistent low tone including developmental delay
  • Connective tissue disorders, hyper-mobility and joint laxity eg Elhers Danlos Syndrome
  • Any condition with sensory modulation issues


SDO® is a registered trademark of Medigarments LtdTM.