Arm-elbow and leg-knee support gaiters are soft, comfortable and easy to apply.  Perfect for the treatment of non-fixed contractures.

They are available in straight, ready to wear or custom made to measure straight or with individual flexion option. Straight gaiters are used to maintain the arm or leg in extension for rehabilitation, prolong stretch or mobilisation purposes. Flexion gaiters are recommended if flexion is required due to contractures. The minimum flexion is 5 degrees and the maximum is 80 degrees.

All gaiters are made from cotton fabric with full circumferential cotton straps that allow for adjustments in size. The Deluxe option comes with a padded towelling lining or sheep skin padding option to assist with prolonged use, night time use and for a more comfortable fit.

The gaiters come with a range of contemporary and stylish fabrics to choose from. Browse all fabric options available to find your favourite here.

Gaiters are sold individually.