Can I purchase footwear using NDIS funds?


Well & Able is a registered NDIS service provider in most states and territories across Australia (see our NDIS page for a comprehensive list).

If you have funds allocated in your plan for orthopaedic footwear, then generally you can purchase footwear from using this plan. Much of the footwear we provide falls under the NDIS line item of orthopaedic shoes to compensate for muscle weakness/activity 05_061203042_0135_1_2 (Pair of shoes designed to compensate for muscle weakness / activity e.g. with extra support/control to support the ankle/distal foot than are commercially available)

If you do not have funding allocated in your plan, and you need orthopaedic footwear or other equipment, be sure to request it for future plans. 


The Team at Well and Able