AurelkaORTO 1028 Owlet G2

Introducing the 1028 Owlet Orto, a specialized footwear option tailored to meet the distinct needs of very young children with tiny feet, particularly toddlers experiencing growth challenges. The 1028 Owlet Orto emphasizes heel and ankle support, crucial for little ones as they take their first steps. Offered in the smallest shoe sizes available, ranging from EU 15-18.


Footwear for Stability > Boots


Above the ankle

Height in cm - Size 15: 6.8cm, 18: 6.9cm

Counter support:


Sole stiffness:




Upper materials:

Natural grain leather


Soft natural leather


Vibram Newflex material, easy to modify if required


Fixed, non removeable leather innersole, constructed either flat suitable for foot orthotics or with built-in medial arch and heel support


3 Velcro straps

Other features:

Open toed sandal with a tongue under the velcro straps

Size range:

Stocked range: size 15-18 with minimal arch innersole

Available to order: size 15 – 30 flat or arch innersole

Width fitting:

Standard width stocked. Narrower width fitting available to order (5mm narrower than standard).

Split pairs:

Split pairs in size and width available to order with no surcharge

Colour customisation:

Custom colours available to order with no surcharge

Delivery time frame:

For out of stock or backordered items allow 6-8 weeks

Country of Origin


Aurelka Size Chart

Note: Each Brand has slightly different sizes so please refer to the sizing chart for each brand.

Ensure that you follow this link to find out How to measure feet and for a Guide to Choosing the Right Size Shoe.

The Size referred to below, in cm, is the inner length of the shoe.

Size Length of inner sole in cm
15 10.2
16 10.9
17 11.6
18 12.3
19 12.8
20 13.7
21 14.3
22 15
23 15.5
24 16.3
25 16.9
26 17.5
27 18.2
28 19
29 19.6
30 20.2


Brand AurelkaORTO