Medica™ is a European handmade medical orthopaedic footwear manufacturer.

The founder and creator of Medica™ Shoes  is a very inspirational Mum who couldn’t find the right correction footwear for her own daughter.  She educated herself about the many challenging aspects of foot health and 7 years ago she opened her first shop to help other parents find suitable footwear for their children.

Working closely with a team of orthopaedists and rehabilitation specialists she created her own private brand of shoes, MedicaShoes®. Medica™ footwear is made from top quality full grain leather, beautifully designed, comfortable and fashionable for all purposes.

The Well & Able team works closely with MedicaShoes® design and production team and we helped to design the Specialist Rehabilitation range, AFO alternative footwear , that includes the “Brisbane’, ‘Rose’ and ‘Sydney’ styles. We are always searching for innovative solutions for children with special needs.

Browse the latest MedicaShoes® catalogue for new styles and beautiful designs.