Medica is a Ukrainian company that specializes in crafting handmade orthopaedic medical footwear. The founder of Medica, a mother herself, faced challenges in finding suitable orthopaedic shoes for her daughter. This personal experience inspired her to collaborate with orthopaedists and rehabilitation experts, leading to the creation of her own orthopaedic footwear brand, Medica.

Crafted from top-quality full-grain leather and other premium materials, Medica footwear is renowned for its comfort, durability, and support that can withstand the active lifestyle of children. Partnering with the Well & Able team, Medica has introduced the specialist AFO alternative footwear line with styles such as ‘Brisbane,’ ‘Rose,’ ‘Sydney,’ and ‘Hobart’. Medica’s ongoing mission is to explore innovative solutions for children with special needs, offering them unique and effective footwear options.