Memo Polo 3DA

Memo Polo shoes are a timeless and stylish mid-cut style ideal for kids, suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. These boots feature the Memo diagnostic sole, which monitors the child's foot condition. By examining the wear patterns on this sole, it can detect the need for orthotic insoles to correct minor postural problems. Made from natural leather with padded upper sections and a roomy toe area, these shoes prioritize comfort. Designed with a flat insole, they are tailored to accommodate orthotics, for children with minor postural alignment concerns.


Footwear for Stability > Sports


At the ankle

Height in cm - Size 22: 6.0cm, 25: 6.5cm, 30: 8.0cm, 35: 8.8cm, 38: 9.2cm

Counter support:


Sole stiffness:




Upper materials:

Grain leather


Natural goat leather


Thermoplastic rubber


Fixed, non-removeable leather innersole, constructed flat suitable for foot orthotics


3 Velcro straps

Other features:

Memo diagnostic sole with built-in Thomas Heel

Size range:

Stocked range: not stocked

Available to order: size 30-38 with flat innersole

Width fitting:


Split pairs:

Not available

Colour customisation:

Not available

Delivery time frame:

For out of stock or backordered items allow 4-6 weeks

Country of Origin


Memo Size Chart

Each brand has slightly different sizing charts so please refer to the sizing chart for each individual brand. Also note the size range for individual shoe models within a brand as some models come in different size ranges.

Ensure that you follow this link to find out How to measure feet and for a Guide to Choosing the Right Size Shoe.

Size Length of inner sole in cm
30 20
31 20.7
32 21.3
33 22
34 22.7
35 23.3
36 24
37 24.7
38 25.3


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