SDO® Lite Gauntlet

The SDO® Lite Gauntlet may help to manage abnormal tone, improve passive range of movement and provide some musculoskeletal support around the joints.

The SDO® Lite gauntlet can be used to identify the impact of dynamic compression without resistance to increase sensory and proprioceptive feedback to the hand and digits.

There are no specific research studies for the hand, however papers published have demonstrated the effectiveness of using Lycra® to increase and improve proprioceptive feedback, manage abnormal tone and improve passive range of movement. The anticipated response (athough this will not be as dramatic as a made-to-measure SDO® Original Gauntlet) may include: 

  • Abduction of the thumb out of the palm
  • Works to limit excessive wrist flexion
  • Reduction in associated reactions
  • Helps to increase the range and quality of movement
  • Delivers increased awareness of the hand


Additional Information

The ready-to-wear SDO® Lite Gauntlet is designed with a binding edge finish and available in four colours.

Gently pulls on to aid with donning and doffing

Measure point: Palm circumference in line with palmer crease

Reinforcement Panel: To resist wrist flexion


SDO® is a registered trademark of Medigarments LtdTM.


Measuring guide for SDO® Lite Gauntlet

Measure point: Wrist circumference at wrist crease.

1 11 - 14 cm
2 13 - 16 cm
3 15 - 18 cm
4 17 - 21 cm
5 20 - 25 cm
Brand SDO®