SDO® Lite Sock

The SDO® Lite Sock uses dynamic compression and a reinforcement panel to identify the impact of dynamic compression to the lower limb using sensory and proprioceptive feedback to increase awareness, stability, active range of movement and assist dorsi-flexion.  It is fitted from the metatarsal heads in the foot to below knee. 

The anticipated response (though not as dramatic as a made-to-measure SDO® Original Sock with reinforcement panels) may include:

  • Improved stability and posture 
  • Realignment of lower limbs 
  • Improved pelvic stability 
  • Reduced hip rotation 
  • Improved proprioception
  • Improved ground clearance by assisting with dorsiflexion
  • Improved limb awareness
  • Improved fluency of movement
  • Improved quality of movement
  • Works to normalise tone


Additional Information

The ready-to-wear SDO® Lite Sock is designed with a binding edge finish and available in four colours.

Gently pulls on to aid with donning and doffing

Measure point: Ankle circumference, 2cm above Malleoli

Reinforcement Panel: To assist dorsi-flexion


SDO® is a registered trademark of Medigarments LtdTM.


Measuring guide for SDO® Lite Sock

Measure the ankle circumference, 2cms above the malleoli, SDO® Lite socks are available in 5 sizes ranging from 13cm to 25cm.

1 13 - 15 cm
2 14 - 18 cm
3 16.5 - 20 cm
4 19 - 23 cm
5 20 - 25 cm
Brand SDO®