SDO® Lite Sleeve

The SDO® Lite sleeve is used to identify the impact of dynamic compression on the upper limb by increasing the sensory and proprioceptive feedback and activating weak muscles. It can also reduce the increased tone caused by muscle imbalance and assist weak muscles.

It is fitted from just above the wrist to the deltoid insertion.

The anticipated response (though not as dramatic as a made-to-measure sleeve with reinforcement panels) may include:

  • Reduction in high tone
  • Reduction in associated reactions
  • Improved reciprocal activity
  • Increased awareness of the upper limb
  • Improved upper limb function
  • Increased active range of movement where available
  • Improved quality and fluency of movement of the upper limb
  • Reduction in inferior subluxation post stroke


Additional Information

The ready-to-wear SDO® Lite Sleeve is designed with a binding edge finish and available in four colours.

Gently pulls on to aid with donning and doffing

Measure point: Wrist circumference at wrist crease


SDO® is a registered trademark of Medigarments LtdTM.


Measuring guide for SDO® Lite Sleeve

Measure wrist circumference at the wrist crease.

1 9 - 13 cm
2 12 - 16 cm
3 14 - 17 cm
4 15 - 19 cm
5 16.5 - 20.5 cm
6 18 - 22 cm
7 22 - 27 cm
Brand SDO®