SDO® Lite Lumbar Belt Beige, size Back depth 17 cm, Fits up to 72 cm


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SDO® Lite Lumbar Belt

The assessment lumbar belt is used to identify whether there is diminished sensory and proprioceptive feedback to the core. The belt is fitted from the lower ribs to the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) to identify the effect on postural control and trunk stability.

The anticipated response (though limited by the focused application) may include:

  • Improved standing and sitting posture
  • Improved trunk stability
  • Improved symmetry
  • Improved handling and transfers
  • Improved weight bearing and gait
  • Improved upper limb function


Additional Information

Measure point: Waist (in line with umbilicus)


SDO® is a registered trademark of Medigarments LtdTM.



Measuring guide for SDO® Lite Lumbar Belt

Measure waist circumference in line with the umbilicus.

1 Back depth 17 cm -  Fits up to 72 cm
2 Back depth 21 cm -  Fits up to 96 cm
3 Back depth 29 cm -  Fits up to 104 cm
4 Back depth 34 cm -  Fits up to 126 cm
Brand SDO®

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